Sylvester Fine Art offers so much more than meets the eye. This light-filled gallery is home to a treasure trove of art and ceramics just waiting to be discovered if only you know where to look. Stock primarily (but not exclusively) consists of 20th and 21st century British and European art and includes everything from all types of prints to all types of painting.

Picasso etchings nudge up against John Piper screen-prints which are, in turn, on very friendly terms with Miró’s playful symbolism. John Hoyland’s vibrant abstraction can often be found hanging alongside the intense beauty and detail of Anthony Gross and from time-to-time you can find the work of an artist still alive and producing.

There is also a wide range of contemporary studio ceramics to be found both up and downstairs with selections from some of the finest potters of the day.

The gallery has a rolling programme of dedicated exhibitions interspersed with mixed hangs which feature an ever-changing line-up of artists. It is a place where everyone is welcome and you never quite know what is coming through the door next. With access to more than 50,000 works of art from a broad range of artists, Sylvester Fine Art can please all tastes and pockets. Whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned collector, the door is always open and you can be sure of a warm welcome.

Don’t forget that we can bring the full range of delights to be found at our sister gallery – Goldmark Gallery – so feel free to trawl through their extensive website as well and then let us know what you want to see and we will make sure that it is on the next van down for you to view before purchasing.