Art Advisory Service

Many of our customers have very particular requirements when it comes to art. You may have specific spaces that are crying out for a creative and visual solution or there may a genre of art that always tempts you more than others. We are happy to sit down with you, either in your home and/or in the gallery, to discuss how we can meet your needs.

Whilst we would prefer to direct you through the plethora of artists and artworks that we offer we realise that you might want to do a little surfing yourself so feel free to click on the link below which will take you to the extensive website of Goldmark Gallery, our associate gallery. If you see anything on their website that takes your fancy and would like a closer look then call or email us and we will arrange to bring it down to London for you to inspect – no strings attached!

Do bear in mind that despite its breadth, the website showcases only a small proportion of the substantial stock that is available so do come into the gallery and talk to us…we charge nothing for our time.