Rigby Graham…

We are now more than half way through our Rigby Graham show so if you have been putting off your visit……don’t delay any more otherwise it will be gone. This master of colour, line and observation should not be overlooked; our love affair with the work of this artist is more than 25 years old and it does not grow old or tired.

Graham was an artist in the old fashioned sense of the word; he would set up his easel outside, in all weathers, and paint. But what he painted could hardly be described as “romantic” in the conventional sense, for he had a habit of debunking “sacred” landscape scenes by including anachronistic details, subverting the viewer’s expectations.

Come visit and find the Rigby Graham painting for your walls. We have owned and enjoyed Graham’s work for more than 25 years and are looking forward to sharing our passion for its integrity and beauty with you all. Visit Exhibition Page