Issue 44

Voltaire once said, “Poetry is the music of the soul, and, above all, of great and feeling souls.” So, in the spirit of feeding all our souls I share the following by William Wadsworth Longfellow….:

Riding upon the Goat, with snow-white hair,
I come, the last of all.
This crown of mine
Is of the holly; in my hand I bear
The thyrsus, tipped with fragrant cones of pine.

I celebrate the birth of the Divine,
And the return of the Saturnian reign;
My songs are carols sung at every shrine,
Proclaiming “Peace on earth, good will to men.”

Welcome to the December edition of our newsletter and the last one of 2016. As we all gear up for this most festive of seasons – Christmas, Chanukah, the prophet Muhammad’s birthday, Bodhi day (Buddhists), Human Rights Day and not forgetting Hogmanay and the New Year and and and – don’t forget that a pot or a picture or, indeed both, will help make the season go with a bang…..along with that all important tipple!

2016 has certainly been an interesting and historic year but we are looking forward to 2017 and once we finalise a few things we will be ready to share the new and exciting things we have planned. But, for now, may we wish everyone a joyous and peaceful festive season and prosperous and happy new year.

Onto business…

Michael Rothenstein’s work remains on our main gallery walls for another couple of weeks so you should not miss the opportunity to own one these extraordinary works of art. It is exciting to behold and interesting to engage with and executed with brilliance and skill. We love Rothenstein’s work and if so many of them are good enough to be in the Tate’s permanent collection then they are certainly worthy enough to hang on all our walls at home.

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Subway, colour woodcut, hand coloured black, 1985, 56.3cm x 76.2cm, £1,450
Untitled (Butterfly Bird), mixed media on board, 1992, 69.0cm x 94.5cm, £5,000
She’s American, 1977, 45.0cm x 58.5cm, £750

Small and beautifully formed…

Let us invite you in to the Room of Small Things where you will find woodcuts, lithographs, collotypes and pochoir galore. The names you will find there are huge, it is only the dimensions of the pictures that are small; Tenniel, Gill, Moore, Kandinsky…….need we go on! Suffice to say, this hidden gem should be explored because few people come back upstairs empty-handed, thanks to the bounties that lay within.

And you will also find an extensive number of pots down there as well; both large and small. Dodd, Malone, Gerard, Kang-hyo, Hammond, Rogers and Collins are all to be found both up and down stairs.

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Phil Rogers, PR1263, Chawan; paddled, kohiki, 10cm x 12cm, £190
Clive Bowen, CB718, Store Jar; gold with green slip trail, 23cm x 18cm, £275
Claude Flight, Nursery Tea, 1936, linocut, 9cm x 15cm, £195
Sir John Tenniel, ‘It’s body is made of plum-pudding, it’s wings of holly leaves, and it’s head is a raisin burning in brandy’, 1988, wood engraving, 4.5cm x 7.5cm, £150

Gifts galore…

We hold, within our walls, a myriad number of things that would make the perfect gift. Whether the recipient loves a beautiful pot or prefers a wonderful piece of art, we have a very wide range of possibilities to suit an equally varied size of wallets.

Allen Jones, The Tree, 1988, signed lithograph, 75cm x 106cm, £1,200
Lee Kang-hyo, LKH355, Tea bowl; Punch’ŏng, 8cm x 16cm, £550

Festive dates…

We are still finalising these so please check the website for details.