Issue 45

“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been”
Rainer Maria Rilke

Welcome to our 45th newsletter and the first of 2017 so may we start by wishing you all a Happy and prosperous New Year. Welcome back to those who have been away in foreign climes……let’s hope that your Christmas/New year break was more successful than ours. Whilst keeping detail to a minimum, suffice to say we have returned from a place where the rain simply did not stop falling from the sky for nine days and some of the roads were waist high in water!

Those who have wandered through the village since we closed before Christmas may have noticed that there is a very large and ugly piece of boarding up on one of the front windows. If you haven’t caught the story in either the Ham & High or the Camden New Journal you may not know that we were one of the businesses that was burgled before Christmas.

Despite the ugly hoarding we are back and raring to go.

Onto business…

We have not yet finalised our 2017 plans but suffice to say it will be a little different to 2016. We are going to be a little less planned with our exhibitions which will enable us to bring things in at shorter notice. However, it does mean we cannot promote them quite so far in advance so you will have to stay on your toes and keep watching this space….as it were.

Jenny Grevatte, Winter Trees Reflected in the Brook, 2013, Signed, Mixed media, £3,500

That said, we do want to reinstate our ‘Artist in Focus’ feature so we will be increasing the number of mini-exhibitions that we hang throughout the year. Amongst those will be a return of some of our favourites and those will sit alongside our regular mixed hangs; we are even considering whether to introduce an occasional ‘genre in focus’. Keep in touch with the website and hopefully over the next 2-3 weeks, we will be bringing more news to your attention.

Graham Sutherland, The Rock, 1973-74, signed lithograph, 67.5cm x 48cm, £2,000
Marc Chagall, Eupeithes, from the Odyssey of Homer, 1975, unsigned lithograph, 44cm x 32.5cm, £2,000

We are also going to be refreshing our stock over the next few weeks so if you are still thinking about that piece you saw here six weeks ago, think quickly because it might be on the list to be exchanged for something else. We don’t like anyone being disappointed but as someone recently found out……he (or she) who hesitates does not get the artwork they fell in love with, someone else does.

Potty about our pots…

We have also decided that we will probably also hold another pot show this year although which potter that will be has yet to be finalised. And, rather like our picture stock, we will be gradually refreshing our pot stock as well. Typically we do this potter by potter so again, keep a weather eye on the newsletter and the website when we will be letting you know about all these things.

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Jim Malone, JM378, Deep flared bowl; brushed slip, iron decoration & copper splashes, 10cm x 18cm, £245
Nic Collins, NC237, Jar with lugs; natural ash glaze, 37cm x 37cm, £650