Issue 46

Goodness gracious but where on earth do we start……we have so much to tell you.

Firstly, welcome to our February newsletter. February is the shortest month of the year and is also the month of romance (Valentines Day), half-term skiing holidays (for those who indulge) and cake month……yes you did read that correctly. The Saxon term for the month is Sol-monath which apparently means cake month. However, should any of you be seeking out an excuse to eat cake, this is NOT the month in which to do it because you are supposed to offer them up to the gods during this month.

Now we must all hang on to our hats because Doris is looming on the horizon. Yes, there is a weather warning out for because storm Doris is on her way.

It’s all new!

If you are looking for a port in the storm then look no further than us. We have so much new art in that we hardly know where to begin. We mentioned in January that we are restocking and boy have we brought you some spectacular things. Let’s kick off with the amazing oil sitting in our side window. It was painted by the artist, Roderic Barrett, who is new to these walls (if not to us).

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Roderic Barrett, Street Scene with Cyclist, oil on board, 89.5cm x 120cm, £12,500

We have some wonderful new etchings by Elizabeth Frink and Julian Trevelyan and we have a trio of beautiful, original designs by the eponymous Sonia Delaunay. These pieces are from the Robert Perrier collection and for those who are familiar with the haute couture of the ‘20s and ‘30s, he was the fabric supplier to the biggest and best, including Chanel, Dior and YSL.

Julian Trevelyan, Jets, etching & aquatint, signed, 47.5cm x 35cm, £1,500
Sonia Delaunay, Geometric Fabric Design, gouache, 21cm x 20cm, £3,500
Elisabeth Frink, The Manciple’s Tale, etching & aquatint, signed, 50cm x 34cm, £1,500
Joan Miró, Untitled ll, Scarce Miró two-block print; signed and numbered l/X, 1970

Given that three is considered a magic number, we also have a trio of signed Miro block prints, one of which is totally unique and printed on a piece of newspaper (Le Figaro for anyone who wants to know which one). It can stand alone or sit alongside another similar piece (which is one of only ten) and one from the final edition (which is one of only 50).

We could go on and on and on and on…..but the quickest and easiest thing to do is simply drop in a take a look at all the new stuff.

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Fabulous slipware…

Of course we have also thought about our pot lovers and as the young folk would say, OMG! What a bevy of beauties by Jean-Nicolas Gerard we have in stock for you to buy. They are quite simply fabulous.

We are working hard to get everything up on the website as quickly as possible but these things take a little time so bear with us. Drop by, take a look, have a chat and pick that perfect painting now before someone else pips you to the post.

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Jean-Nicolas Gérard, JNG559, Medium vase yellow & brown, 24cm x 23cm, £285
Jean-Nicolas Gérard, JNG540, Large pitcher yellow with brown finger spots & sgraffito, 20cm x 17cm, £295