Issue 5

Welcome back from your various summer sojourns; we hope that you have all had a good break over the last couple months. 

As you might expect, we haven’t stood still while you were all away sunning yourselves. For those who missed the Kitaj show and a wonderful opportunity to view and purchase the most amazing prints by this influential artist, we are going to keep them for a little while longer, albeit downstairs. So if you are keen to add one of those to your collection then pay us a visit as soon as you can.

New – Patrick Caulfield and Alan Davie

We are delighted to add a small number of prints by Patrick Caulfield to our ever-growing range of artists on offer. In the late 1960s, Caulfield was invited to make a limited edition book by Petersburg Press. Caulfield chose the poetry of Jules Laforgue (1860-1887) and produced a series of 22 screen printed illustrations for 12 poems observing that ‘they are not illustrations but complementary images’. Prices are £500 inclusive of VAT and framing.

We are also excited to bring some new pieces by the extraordinary Alan Davie. His work is ornamental in style, illustrating his preoccupations with Zen Buddhism, Indian mythology and magic.

We have a small number of unframed Davie prints at present, including Magic Picture No 1and Bull’s Moon. Pop in and have a look at these and all the other delights that we have on offer. Prices from £395 inclusive of VAT and framing.

caulfield_patrick_j_oh__if_one__of_them_some__fine_evening__would_try caulfield_patrick_r_and_i_am_alone_in_my_house Bird Through Wall 1973 Alan Davie born 1920 Presented by Curwen Studio through the Institute of Contemporary Prints 1975

Featured Potter – Nic Collins

For those who missed his work in our gallery last year (we sadly haven’t had very much since), this is your chance to get to know the astonishing work of British potter Nic Collins.  

Using a wood-fired, single chamber kiln, Collin’s firings can continue over a number of days; the high temperatures achieved allow the combination of ash, flame and gasses to do their work on the surface of the pots. Some pots are subject to multiple firings. It is a precarious method; there are many successes and many inevitable failures. It is only through the many years of knowledge, acquired by trial and error, may accomplished pots such as those you will find here be produced. Prices range from £65 to £1,450.

nic_collins_29_1 nic_collins_201_1 nic_collins_250_1 nic_collins_272_1

Important Dates:

Don’t forget that the fabulous prints of Scottish artist Bruce McLean are going to be on show in early October. Come and experience the richness of their colours, revel in their quirky humour and select something from this important artist that will provide an enormous amount of pleasure to you and your family and friends, indefinitely.